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This Easter treat yourself and your loved ones to a fun filled long weekend with activities that will get your adrenaline rushing while at the same time relaxing you. This takes you to another world by stirring up your spirit of adventure as you join the creative world. Come one come all for this amazing Easter like no other engulfed with unforgettable memories

Join Elida Tours on a 4 day/3 nights experience to Sagan Rapid Camp. The camp has a wide range of activities like water rafting, kayaking, bird watching, bungee jumping among others.

Sagana is located in Kirinyaga County along the Nairobi-Nyeri Highway (101.8 Km) one hour 30 minutes’ drive from Nairobi. Its name comes from Kenya’s second longest river Sagana River which is called Thagana.



8:00 HRS: Depart from Nairobi past the super highway to Sagana which is a one hour thirty minutes drive.

9:30 HRS: Arrive at the Rapids camp.

10: 00 HRS: Get the tents pitched on the ground as guests take a walk along the camp.

11:00 HRS: Assemble for a brief talk as guests head for the amazing waterfall challenge

1:00 HRS: Have lunch .and guests enjoy the afternoon at their own pleasure.

6:00 HRS: Leave for a moon light walk.

8:00 HRS: Dinner is served

9:00 HRS: Guests can retire for the night or enjoy heat from an amazing bonfire.


7:00 HRS: Guests have an early breakfast.

9:00 HRS: Assemble for an array of team building activities which includes: the balloon encounter, the triples, the egg race and the balancing competition.

1:00 HRS: lunch is served and afternoon is at guest’s leisure.

4:00HRS: Assemble at the conference hall for idea sharing.

5:00HRS: Enjoy evening tea before heading for the moonlight walk.

6:00HRS: Take a long walk along the famous hippo route

9:00 Hrs: Dinner and overnight


7:00 HRS: Have an early breakfast

9:00 HRS: Have an encounter at the left out team building activities.

12:00 HRS: Lunch is served and an afternoon at leisure.

2:00 HRS: Have an encounter at the river for an amazing water glides at your own cost at your own pleasure.

4:00 HRS: After a remarkable exercise at the glides we will have a bungee swim activity at the river.

6:00 HRS: Have a walk around as we wait for dinner

9:00 HRS: Dinner and over night

10:00 HRS: Assemble to enjoy heat from an amazing bonfire as we exchange the unforgettable experience of the safari.


8:00 HRS: Enjoy breakfast

9:00Hrs: Indulge in team building encounter

11: 00 Hrs: Gear up for the plunge river activity and have an amazing encounter.

100: Hrs: Enjoy lunch and have an afternoon at leisure

4:00 HRS: Depart for Nairobi. End of safari.




Price per person = KESH. 21,300 per person sharing.

Package offer includes:

  • Transport
  • 12 ground activities meals on full board plus complimentary tea,
  • Free conference hall
  • Two river activities
  • Camping and bonfire
  • Moonlight walk
  • All activities as above

Not included:

  • - Anything not mentioned above
  • - Bungee swim and the water glides at own cost.


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